Download Free Event Booking Pro WordPress plugin v3.951


Unlimited Events
PayPal Integration
Offline Booking
Supports additional gateways
Multiple Bookings
Coupon Integration
Event Categories
Multiple occurrences for same event
Multiple Tickets
Google Maps
Responsive Calendar Shortcode
Lazy Load Calendar Shortcode
Responsive Event Box shortcode
Responsive Event Card shotcode
Responsive Event Button shortcode
Mobile fall back booking page
List Events based on filters (eventBoxes and eventCards)
Shortcode generation
AJAX Control Panel with 500+ Settings
User friendly event creation
Visual  Editor
Sandbox integration
Offline booking form customization
CSV Integration
Add to Google Calendar
Every thing is customizable, from text ,color,size,padding,borders,border radius and much more.
Email Support

Booker receives an email
Owner (admin) receives email of booking
Both emails are customizable<l/li>

Multiple success actions: Open Success popup, Close booking popup, redirect to page, show message below button.
Shortcodes: Calendar – Event Box – Event Card – Event Buttons – Events List
Addon Shortcodes: byDay Calendar Shortcode

Event Booking Pro v3.5 Changelog

v3.5 (March 2016—in process)
New Add-on: Email Templates & Alternative email
Enhancements to Emails:
Option to not send emails (admin and/or confirmation)
Formatted cost to match site’s format
Keywords in Email subjects
Speed (it was very fast and now faster)

Additions to Event Cards
ADDED ability to add background to cards
ADDED Show thumbnail even if card is expandable (Toggle-able)
ADDED control of width of thumbnail (Expandable and Non-expandable separate settings)

Additions to Calendar:
ADDED new calendar style (titles directly shown)
ADDED background image for day cell
ADDED box-shadow toggle for calendar and event
ENHANCED calendar with optimized queries for speed

Changes to Event List:
Filters: changed the behavior
ENHANCED: Optimized Queries for speed

Fixed: When event is deleted -> all occurrences/tickets/bookins/categories/coupons are removed from database.
FIXED all bugs reported.
FIXED refund from paypal
FIXED bug in spots left when it is hidden
FIXED bug in WP-MAILER in some cases
FIXED Bug with Forms Manager
FIXED passed date not working

Paypal folder now has an updated Certificate. Please update it if you have problems.

Support was slow, we worked on improving it. The process changed in Feb and you started to see improvements. Now we are looking for one extra person to help with support to decrease wait more.

We re factored a portion of the plugin to be able to add all the new features requested.
We will release new version every other month with new features. We got a lot aligned!

More versions

Demo Event Booking Pro v3.5 – WP Plugin [Paypal or Offline]